Shelter Cove - Wow! What a view!

The place was cozy and perfectly located on the cove. It’s around the corner from a great pizza place, and a delicious Venezuelan place (sadly only open Fri-Sun). There’s also The Fish Tank coffeeshop serving various coffee & milk drinks and a good array of sandwiches on the bottom corner of the inn that’s practically adjacent. It’s easy to walk to “Little Black Sands Beach” which connects to the main Black Sands Beach when the tide allows, but otherwise gives you the same experience. The view from the patio is wide and impressive, the interior is cozy and well furnished. It is not a large place – more than four adults would definitely be too many (and there’s only two queen beds to split). Bonus – the Starlink internet was plenty fast, unexpected for such an out of the way place.

Celeste was very prompt with responding to messages, and she and her husband went out of their way to address the one concern we had. A+ and rather unexpected.

The driveway to park is a bit steep, and the transition from road to driveway to parking lot can cause various parts of your car to scrape or bottom out. Take care maneuvering here.

Note to EV owners: If you’re coming by EV, make sure to charge fully as close as possible outside of Shelter Cove. It took half my Tesla 3 LR’s battery to get here from Ukiah from a full charge, so you’re playing with fire trying to roundtrip without any charging in the middle. There are no public chargers of any sort in Shelter Cove yet, and the easily accessible to this listing outdoor outlets didn’t work. We had to throw an extension cable out the second story window and run it over the edge, plugging my mobile connector into it in the trunk, running the charge cable out the (carefully propped open) trunk, limited to 10A to reduce the load on the extension cord. If it’s raining, and it seems to rain on and off a lot, you’ll have to play games with how much water you’re willing to tolerate infiltrating the trunk, or pack the crack with towels.


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